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" HI My name is Cynthia
I am a sexually active White bisexual T-Girl.
I am 5'8" tall 190 lbs. 42C (with prosthetics) 32 33,
I love meeting other Tgirl's and Women and men.
I consider myself to be a submissive/bottom.
when it comes to "getting it on" I am open to
almost anything except
otherwise its fair game...
I enjoy soft and gentle hot and sweaty sex.
snuggling, kissing, exploring each others bodies
making beautiful "music" together. :-)
I also like rough, hard demanding sex. to be
overwhelmed, ravished, having no choice or say.
I like struggling, fighting back, and losing.
I love being bound uncomfortably and sexually used
for hours, left gasping for air, dripping in sweat
and my own/others juice's, too spent to move...
Having said all of the above. I can also be the
girl next door type. depending on what my partner
Prim and proper on the outside. A slut and Whore
on the inside... LOL
I love all of the above yes, but FIRST and
foremost I wish to please my partner.
making him/her happy makes me happy...
Hope I have answered any questions about me

Cynthia ;-)

Age 59 years
Location United States
Gender Transsexual
SRS Non-op
Eyes Brown
Hair Other
Height 172 cm (5' 8")
Body type Normal

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