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" I am a very feminine transgender and my natural talent and skills in pampering ladies and gentlemen sexually are great. I am also very open minded and versatile, practicing and enjoying BDSM, bizarre & role plays and group sex too.
I can accommodate interested persons in my nice flat near the bar street (very discreet and private), where they can find like minded people having fun with me or play with me 1 to 1.
I will be thankful for a contribution to my expenses, which allow erotic fun to almost everybody.
Write to me please and you will receive within 12 hours my mobile number, where you can contact me for our first date (from the 4th of January)
Beside services of the above mentioned kind, I offer web cam chat on Skype and look for reliable, horny and exhibitionistic partners (tops) for shows with me on pay-per-view sites

Age 72 years
Location Beijing, China
Gender Transsexual
SRS Non-op
Eyes Green
Hair Blond
Height 175 cm (5' 9")
Body type Athletic

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