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" divorced woman 38 age looking for LTR with a man who is, kind and loving and outgoing I work in health care. In my spare time I am with family and friends, take long walks in the woods with my dogs I love reading books about psychology, I run 3 times a week I love to travel. I am an honest woman who is not afraid to stand for my opinionsto you men who do not know what a post-op is,it is a mtf complete voman and not a shemale!!!! I have lived as a woman since I was 12 years old, and was post-op as 25 years old,have no profile picture on here because my friends, work, do not know about my past,but I send send pictures with them as I write together with I hope to find either a Frenchman or a Swedish man I prefer them but other men also have a chanceIm not the type of woman who love and sit and talk about my past, my past is my past, I have also no need to shout out to all that I am post -op Im not ashamed of who I am but I personally belive that the only to know the truth is the man I live with, Im totally fine with that none of my freinds and work do not know about my past and why should they know it I see really no reason for it!! I am a very confident woman I know how much Im worth I have no need or any rush to find a man I like to take it slow love will come to use all if we take it slow :-) have been married 2 times in my life and this time I will find my man for the rest off my life!! are you a person who has many Questions about transexuelle women then go to the next profile I am not here to teach you about transexuelle and I don't care what you have seen in television about transexuelle we are many transexuelle women who live normal lives and some off use have been very lucky where you can not see we are transexuelle so what you have seen in television about transexuelle is not always the truth!! and one more thing I don't want letters from men who could be my father Respeckt that I date men from 35 to 45!!! "

Age 46 years
Location N/A
Gender Transsexual
SRS Post-op
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Height 180 cm (5' 11")
Body type Slim

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