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" my name is lexi im new to this world trying to figure my self out cause I love the feeling and the thrill of looking like a girl to be able to transform myself into something I'm not the way my cock gets hard as I'm doing make up and I'm putting on a tight pair of leather leggings. i love the thrill of being a submisive girl and being used but i love to see as I see my waist get smaller and hips get bigger when I put on my corset my long hair and I'm finally lexianna. ps i am a virgin dresser I love talking dirty so send me a messages baby please like my photos and profile and I'll get back with you for sure "

Age 27 years
Location San Antonio, United States
Gender Transsexual
SRS Non-op
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Height 170 cm (5' 7")
Body type Athletic


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